What Makes Travelling Solo Fun?

I’m 26 years of age. Since I was 20, I’ve been away at least once a year for one solo trip. It’s divine and helps me understand the way of life. Travelling solo is rejuvenating for me. On solo trips, I’ve crossed path with various reactions in ways of questions, such as “don’t you feel bored after a while?“, “are you on your own?“, “don’t you have friends?“, and “do you think it’s safe out there, going alone?“. The questions are endless but they all come from gut of insecurity and fear. I have found travelling solo to be a fun affair, especially when you are a budget traveller. Many wonder about what makes travelling solo fun but never try it out. To those who have never tried solo travelling, I have added a list of reasons that makes me solo travel.

I prefer solo trips for many reasons. But none of them is because I lack interest in being in groups. More than anything, I’m sharing these reasons to help you understand why those questions above don’t make any sense to me and how it is better to walk past them and have a worthwhile life by making endless memories of solo trips.

Here are my reasons for what makes travelling solo fun

I don’t have to wait for anyone

I could start my trip right this moment if I had the chance. That’s the beauty of travelling solo. I can wander off anywhere, anytime, any day. The fact about solo trips is that I save time significantly and make optimum use of it. I can dine at the restaurant I wish, sleep in a bunker or a dorm, go crazy, and spend a fortune in an expensive cottage. It’s all up to me.
I can be very selfish and still be happy about it. No doubt, I love going on trips with friends. But sometimes, being greedy for myself helps. I don’t have anyone’s preferences, needs and feelings to keep in mind and balance against mine. For most people, the adjustment of being together has been strange yet a luxury. I admire that, but on trips, it sometimes acts against my time management.

What makes travelling solo fun? This does!

I can feel ‘me’ and how exactly I want myself to be

Having none known around me, I strip myself of the social and salient rules of engagement and experiences of being in a group. I cherish becoming the person I’m and knowing the inner self and what it craves, likes and wants. The exposure of being alone in a new place brings out a different individual in me. I start trusting instincts, then others. I question, answer, seek, and sometimes things happen out of a surprise. These little things make me feel the real man that’s there inside and what my heart wants to be.
Being exposed to the world and learning in solitary gives an edge to my thoughts. It feels exciting and lucrative to be able to see the diverse nature I have stored inside.

Random people becoming hosts and friends

When you’re traveling alone, meeting new individuals is much simpler. At their workplace or home, several of my hosts have forced me to learn something new. When I’ve been to a new place, I’ve stayed with a local.
I have witnessed sunset with a Russian yogi on the southern beaches of Goa, trekked with the locals in the mountains of Kerala, hitchhiked to Pondicherry with another traveller, and was taught to surf by a german surfer at Mahabalipuram. I would have never had these pleasures if I was at home.

It shows the nature of strangers and how beautiful they could be

I have learnt humanity could be at its best when a stranger offers it to another. I have found myself in lots of turmoil, and every time there was a stranger who had given a hand of help. The easiest path to learning about life is to make yourself vulnerable, and I have had my best lessons on the roads (solo trips) I have been on.

what makes travelling solo fun
What makes travelling solo fun? This definitely liberates my soul

Open up to myself

While walking or sitting somewhere amid nature, the constant thoughts and talks that I have in my head brightens my mind and allows me to be stronger from the inside. It helps me understand my flaws and my superior skills. I get to become more aware of nature, people, surroundings, and how I behave. Trust me! My observational skills have developed way better because of solitary trips.

Walk out of fear of the unknown

I tend to walk a bit away from the terror that I have within with each lone excursion. I know it is daunting to be alone in a new area and how many different things may go wrong. But isn’t it the beauty to learn what’s there outside and fight your fear from the inside?

I have faced many issues that create hurdles such as language barriers, minor accidents, no networks, other discomforts and the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. These have somehow helped me eventually in my life. A lot of life lessons learnt from these situations has been a blessing.

what makes travelling solo fun
What makes travelling solo fun?

Being content all by myself is a fantastic feeling

Knowing that I don’t need anyone and learning it all by myself is a feeling I can’t express in linguals. Meanwhile, people have become trip buddies, been friends in times of need, shared moments, and made me feel home away from home. I think constant gratitude to them. Above all, the strength I have gained and know that I will be in good condition all by myself is the essential feeling out of all. It’s fun to be a whole by myself. Solo trips remind me of nature’s way of learning and the hardships of life, and how to enjoy the fruits of labour.
I have had my moments and where I have felt “I wish there were someone along with me”. Those moments were probably only when I’m in dire need of being clicked by someone on top of a mountain. Well, I suffer the facts that I have to have selfies clicked. When I have cried my heart out in agony or pain, there are moments I have wanted to laugh with someone or have felt lonely. But these moments are the ones where I have learnt solo trips has taught me a great deal. From being grounded to spreading humanity, from having experiences with people to connecting with mother nature and many more, these have helped me be true to who I’m.

The above reasons will always be my strength and my fuel to keep going on solo adventures. So, if you ever asked someone those questions at the start of this article, make sure you try to go on at least 2 solo trips to feel the vibes of positivity it provides. And I hope to find you on a journey and become a trip buddy of yours.

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